Puerto Rico is Setting for NBC Pirate Series “Crossbones”
News: 15 de octubre del 2013 11:54 pm


Starting Wednesday, Puerto Rico will be the setting for theNBC television series “Crossbones” starring John Malkovich in the role of the pirate Blackbeard.

“I hope Puerto Rico feels honored by the work we’ll do here,” Malkovich said at a joint press conference with Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla in San Juan.

Puerto Rican authorities estimate that filming the series here will inject $29.4 million into the economy while creating some 1,500 jobs.

Filming of the first season of “Crossbones” will take around five months on location in and around the towns of Luquillo, Fajardo and Old San Juan.

Malkovich said he loves being in Puerto Rico, adding that he can’t wait to start filming “on such a beautiful island,” where he is also scheduled to present his Technobohemian menswear collection on Nov.9 at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico.

“This production strengthens the image of the ‘All-Star Island,” which has “great professionals as actors, doubles and technicians” and offers “an extraordinary scenic beauty,” Garcia Padilla said.

His administration is making a big effort to attract movie productions to the island.

The executive director of the Puerto Rico Film Commission & Corp., Demetrio Fernandez, said Tuesday at the same press conference that 48 Puerto Rican actors will take part in the series.

During this fiscal year, which began last July, at least eight films will be shot in Puerto Rico, which will mean some $56.7 million in additional revenues for the island’s economy, Garcia Padilla said.

Publicidad fuera de PR...ESO ES!!!!!!! 
Para que la gente vea que si tenemos personas y cosas buenas en este país de 3.7MM; no solo las noticias para vender papel.